The Treatment (For Professionals)

The Diabetes Treatment Centers International, in the South Bronx, came to our neighborhood in November 2017 providing a tool never before available: a way to treat the underlying metabolic dysfunction of diabetes and give seriously ill patients the chance not only to arrest the progression of their disease – but to reverse the damage from even the most disabling co-morbidities, including neuropathy, retinopathy, wounds that won’t heal, and kidney and cardiovascular complications.

Pulsatile insulin infusion therapy mimics the coordinated pulsatile secretion of insulin in response to a carbohydrate challenge of the beta cells in the normal pancreas. PII is thought to trigger the liver to initiate glycogen storage and its enzymatic metabolic response to a carbohydrate challenge in non-diabetics. It is not a cure for diabetes, but rather a means of arresting and often reversing the progression of complications of the disease. Various versions and protocols of the therapy have been tested and referenced in the literature dating back to the 1930s, but well-designed and unbiased clinical trials with control groups are indicated and in process.

A majority of patients experience positive outcomes previously thought impossible. They enjoy an overall improvement in the way they feel, have more energy, experience better sleep patterns, and have a more positive mental outlook creating a huge general boost in their quality of life. Treatments are reimbursed by most insurance and managed care plans.

Everything about the new Diabetes Treatment Centers International in the South Bronx is different. In our clinical environment, we provide the PII treatment in a manner that allows patients to be comfortable, encouraging our patients to move around, watch an internet-connected iPad, read, even work at the workstations and socialize with other patients.

During the three and one-half hour, once per week treatment, they can also take advantage of the sessions to receive training by Certified Diabetes Educators. Protocol improvements under study may allow the session times to be reduced to about two hours with similar results, and most patients can reduce treatment frequency to a maintenance approach of a twice a month or less often once the desired clinical effects are achieved.

We are dedicated to teamwork in the care management of diabetes in our area, because the need is huge: the South Bronx has the highest concentration of people with diabetes anywhere in the entire Northeast region of the United States. At the redesigned Roberto Clemente Plaza “Hub” at 3rd Avenue and E 148th Street, the new Treatment Center welcomes patients into a bright, large sunlit space overlooking the Plaza greeted by a friendly, certified, and dedicated professional staff.

Here the most comfortable, reclining treatment chairs allow patients to receive their weekly or biweekly treatment utilizing a patented, FDA cleared intravenous infusion pump, the restoration of carbohydrate metabolism means that diabetes patients and their doctors finally have an option that can truly change the game – helping to repair the underlying metabolic dysfunction of diabetes, while also managing safe and desired blood sugar levels during treatments. Over 270,000 treatments have been provided in the U.S.. There are no credible reports of harm, as long as patients continue with their regularly prescribed medications. The treatment is safe and remarkably well tolerated.

The Center also plans to offer the latest in “smart medicine” pertaining to diabetes, with a device to measure and track retinopathy, tissue analytics to accurately chart the course of wound healing, and metabolic measurement in real time. We look forward to working with all health care professionals in the south Bronx and to be a highly valuable and reliable source of good science and education related to diabetes in our community.

– John C. (Jack) Lewin, M.D.